John Doe at New York Independent Film Festival


John Doe will be screening at the New York Independent Film Festival on the 18th of October at 6pm.



Details are here



If you're in NYC please come along,  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Good News Bad News


We have a good news bad news scenario with John Doe, the bad news is that in consultation with our USA distributor we have pulled the film from the three festivals it was going to screen at. The good news we can't quite reveal yet but it is fantastic news for the film. 


Thanks for your patience, it won't be too much longer until you can see it on the big screen.



Filmink Interview


Click here to read an interview from our screenwriter Steve Coates.



MMO Game Vigilante: Speak for the Dead



Divisive Media have developed and produced the strartlingly original MMO Vigilante: Speak for The Dead. The game was developed as part of the transmedia initiative for john Doe and further expands on the John Doe Universe.


The game is currently available on Facebook and iTunes with iPhone and iPad versions, it is free to download and play and will soon be available for Android devices also.


Check it out!